WTF? is telling me to reboot my Desktop due to Audio problems, wut?

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@micrackbiron Exactly what I was thinking.. I've had my fair share with Audio issues in Linux.. but this is getting ridiculous

@Maescool The main issue I have is that every time I do an update then there's no audio at all. But if I plug and unplug the headphones then it comes back. What distro are you using?

@micrackbiron it's a chrome problem in my case.. Firefox is fine..
But yeah.. Linux and sound has had issues for a long time..

@micrackbiron Kay, update chrome, do an update restart of chrome.. all is fine.. oh boy.. 😅

@Maescool Cheers!! :lattentacle: I usually use Chromium, Firefox, or Tor (which is Firefox).

@micrackbiron I use all of them too :) just depends for what..

@Maescool Tor I usually use for accessing onion sites or content that's blocked in my country.

@micrackbiron blocked content? 🤔
I'm lucky my provider is totally open

@Maescool it's stuff like certain filesharing sites or things of that nature.

@Maescool @micrackbiron Don't worry, systemd will eventually take over audio and then it'll work great.
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