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Open source (software and hardware) voice standard for amateur radio:



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so now that I'm getting more into pcb design, I *really* need similar quotes on mine.
suggestions and boosts highly welcome!!

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@DC7IA Next year I'm really need to come over to 37c3, remind me when i need to book xD

Does anyone have some regex for verifying callsigns? doesn't need to validate, just make sure it looks like a correct call..

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#redhat official site is rather malicious. It's doing #xss with #facebook which spies on visitors aggressively using #javascript

The site is therefore very bloated and slow.

And yet worse: I access the site with a GNU/Linux browser. Outcome? BLANK PAGES!

Belgian politicians are so out of touch, 2 weeks ago they tried to slash Healthcare budgets, and were today on national radio during a charity week, 'donating' 3k..yeah.. no gtfo..

@lain alternatively, having just the SD card for booting, and having all the rest on external drive/ssd is also an option.

@lain don't run anything that needs to do a lot of disk reads and writes on a SD card..
You can however run it in a mounted tmpfs (which is in ram) and have a script copy the data every so often to the sd card like 10min or every hour, depending on how critical the data is..

@href hi, wanted to ask something,
is your system actively checking for .well-known/host-meta ?
Cause I see a lot of 404's on my main domain trying to get /api instead of getting it from my mastodon instance hostname, which it should get from the host-meta

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@jwildeboer wouldn't be the first to be kidnapped for this..

question, in satellite qso logging, and you can log a single frequency, do you log uplink freq or downlink freq?
and for SWL, how would they log it?

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