@irl @M0YNG I'm surprised that one doesn't have to ground, I have the big brother here

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spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

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This is an #N8VEM #sbc v2. It's an #homebrewcomputer board based on the #eurocard bus and #z80. I built a few of these, but this was given to me years "almost" complete, albeit suffering from constant crashes.
This evening I debugged it and ended up removing the DS1302 clock IC... An unexpected culprit.

Time to order a replacement.

2019, and I had to just reboot my central heater, cause it lost the datalink with the thermostat.. oh boy what a time to be alive..

@thegibson from time to time you see stuff reported, that some people consider as, tell us something new..

@DC7IA I think max 3 banking days, but eu is working on making it 24h.
In .be they are even making it it needs to be within minutes

@snder on your instance? Or? Cause I'm getting mine

@DC7IA if it is for different hosts, different menu's, you saw in one of those docs, you need to rename to uuid, mac or iphash based
you could make a template, and generate for each, and make selected label different or such..

however.. all of that stuff is a lot easier in my opinion with ipxe

oh, if you want to boot from certain local partitions, doesn't work with ipxe, booting from local drive works..

pxelinux supports booting from certain local partition

@tomasino Mastodon, couple of months
Gitlab, Couple of years

@DC7IA initial connection is always tftp and DHCP next server/file

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