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@snder I wonder, do you use relays for your mastodons?

I've been called by the BIPT department responsible, and they explained to me there are 2 types of licenses,
- A personal call type (5y valid)
- 3 station type licenses (1y valid)
So I've gotten the station type renewal.
The station licenses are for the equipment: Portable, Mobile, Home
If you have a 2nd home, you need to get an extra station license...

Well... today (3 days past their deadline) I received my yearly license renewal from , and yet again not without problems.. this time my CALLSIGN is nowhere on my license.. So, What if I go abroad? Looks like the 'legal' license i got is not valid.. what now?

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Here is some good #privacy news: the Eu Advocate General has concluded national mass retention laws in the EU are illegal. Countries can not demand that internet providers just keep massive amounts of personal data because it might be useful some day.

Well, the virus is already starting to influence business, lots of Chinese exports came to a halt for at least the next 2 weeks :/

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Open source (software and hardware) voice standard for amateur radio:


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so now that I'm getting more into pcb design, I *really* need similar quotes on mine.
suggestions and boosts highly welcome!!

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Does anyone have some regex for verifying callsigns? doesn't need to validate, just make sure it looks like a correct call..

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#redhat official site is rather malicious. It's doing #xss with #facebook which spies on visitors aggressively using #javascript

The site is therefore very bloated and slow.

And yet worse: I access the site with a GNU/Linux browser. Outcome? BLANK PAGES!

Belgian politicians are so out of touch, 2 weeks ago they tried to slash Healthcare budgets, and were today on national radio during a charity week, 'donating' 3k..yeah.. no gtfo..

@href hi, wanted to ask something,
is your system actively checking for .well-known/host-meta ?
Cause I see a lot of 404's on my main domain trying to get /api instead of getting it from my mastodon instance hostname, which it should get from the host-meta

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