Ubuntu 14.04 upgrade to 16.04, and things are slower.. more IOWAIT's, is this cause of them CPU bugfixes?

@Maescool Could be. Try turning them off. My first guess, though, would be Ubuntu's daemons, e.g., update-apt-xapian-index.

@abananabag I was running 4.4 backport kernel before on that machine, so I'm not 100% sure it's spectre or meltdown.. could also be the new Intel microcode, not sure if I can revert that..
but I'm trying to monitor a bit around what is needing that much IO since upgrade.. (I do see a bit more use by apache)

@Maescool What IO channel is being waited on? High IOwait for my boxen has almost always meant disk access.


@abananabag pretty sure it's disk IO, since that IO went a bit up

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